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Seafield Cemetery Memorial 2

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:48 pm    Post subject: Seafield Cemetery Memorial 2 Reply with quote


Below is a memorial in Seafield Cemetery which lists people who died in the Great War and are buried in Seafield but have no individual headstone.

I will list what is written on each individual panel below the photo.


Central Panel [Panel 4]

On these panels are recorded the names of those of His Majesty’s Forces who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914-1918. Who lie buried in this cemetery but whose graves are not marked by separate headstones.

Panel 1

C. Atkins, Stoker 1st Class, RN, SS/107000, H.M.S. “Vega”, 14.8.1918
S.W. Bailes, Able Seaman, RN, SS/6240, H.M.P.M.S. “Cottesmore”, 14.8.1918, Age 23
G.W. Baker, Leading Seaman, RN, PO/2178831, H.M.S. “Ursa”, 29/11/1918
A. Ball, Second Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps, 17.3.1918
J.A.R. Barnett, Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, 24.7.1918, Age 19
W. Barr, MMR, Cook, 821857, H.M.S. “Cymric”, 1.1.1919
E.A. Beckington, Officer’s Steward 2nd, RN, L/3458, H.M.S. “Stag”, 17.1.1919, Age 25
A.H. Birch, MMR, Steward, 998218, H.M.S. “Marchioness of Bute”, 25.10.1919, Age 29
G.H. Bradbury, Sto 1st Class, RN, K/44298, H.M.S. “Woolwich”, 17.5.1918
W.J. Bradfield, Engineman, RNR, 5487/DA, H.M. Trawler “Lotos”, 29.10.1918
B.R.U. Brannon, RN, Engineer Lieutenant, H.M.S. “Plover”, 8.11.1918, Age 33
F.J. Brant, Stoker 1st Class, RN, K/20820, H.M.S. “Greenwich”, 12.8.1918, Age 28
H.B. Brearley, , Flt.Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air service, 30.1.1918
A. Brock, Officer’s Steward 1st , RN, L/4622, H.M.S. “Tyne”, 27.10.1918
E.G. Brown, Able Seaman, RN, J/45321, H.M.S. “Sunflower”, 1.1.1919, Age 19
G. Brown, Private 3486, King’s Own Yorkshire L.I. , 29.11.1916
R.G. Buckley, Musician, RMB/1092, Royal Marine Band, 1.12.1916
J.L. Burgess, Motor Mechanic, RNVR, MB/2278, H.M.S. “Gunner”, 14.3.1918, Age 18
J. Burns, Leading Stoker, RNR, 2039/U, H.M.S. “Engadine”, 10.12.1915, Age 36
W.P. Burns, MMR, Able Bodied Seaman, 484286, H.M.S. “Imperieuse”, 15.9.1918, Age 43

Panel 2

W.H. Carter, DSM, Stoker Petty Officer, RN, K/5831, H.M.S. “Camellia”, 26.2.1918, Age 26
R. Clifford, Lance Cpl., S/43688, Gordon Highlanders, 14.10.1918, Age 20
G. Cogger, Able Seaman, RN, 218460, H.M.S. “Paladin”, 15.3.1918
J. Corr, Engineman, RNR, 1781/ES, H.M. Drifter “Alices”, 5.10.1918
F.S. Cousins, Sto. 1st Class, RN, K/17437, H.M.S. “Ness”, 15.11.1917
S. Crabbe, Offrs Steward 1st . RN, 363107, H.M.S. “Tirade”, 30.7.1918
G. Creedon, Leading Stoker, RN, 291785, H.M.S. “Tarlair”, 24.2.1919, Age 38
J. Darge, Eng Room Artfcr 2nd , RN, 272208, H.M.S. “Lydiard”, 16.1.1919
W. Deas, served as W. Bett, Private 5472, Arg & Suth’s Highrs, 3.12.1918, Age 30
D. J.J. De Villiers, Second Lieutenant, Royal Air Force, 6.7.1918
E. Dolphin, Leading Stoker, RN, SS/102049, H.M.S. “Malaya”, 2.9.1917
W. Dooley, Serjeant, 25179, York and Lancaster Reg, 8.2.1918, Age 34
J.H. Easter, Able Seaman, RNVR, LZ/4730, H.M. Trawler “Sophron”, 22.8.1917
W.J. Fenwick, Musician, RMB, 2039, H.M.S. “Princess Royal”, 16.10.1918
A. Forbes, Private 6912, K.O.Scottish Borberers, 25.8.1916
W.M. Garner, Petty Officer, 205345, Royal Air Force, 6.7.1918, Age 30
A. Garriock, MMR, Boatswain, 502401, H.M. Trawler “Verdun II”, 5.12.1918
O. Gifford, Able Seaman, S.S. “Wear”, 12.11.1918
J. Grant, Private 200486, Ayrshire ? Yeomanry, 31.3.1918
E.R. Greenwood, Ordinary Smn, RN, J/57143, H.M.S. “Ramillies”, 4.12.1918

Panel 3

J. Hamilton, Sto 1st Class, RN, K/50250, H.M.S. “Caradoc”, 16.10.1918
E.A. Harding, Bugler, RMA, 15303, H.M.S. “Colossus”, 8.5.1918
T. Harris, Ord Telegraphist, RN, J/46498, H.M.S. “Ambuscade”, 10.11.1918
J.T. Harwood, MMR, Rigger & Seaman, H.M. Salvage Vessel “Melita”, 29.11.1917
F.W. Hawkes, Stoker 1st Class, RN, K/8577, H.M.S. “Princess Royal”, 22.10.1918, Age 29
J.F. Hayes, Sto. Petty Officer, RN, 303978, H.M.S. “Colossus”, 20.11.1918
F.C. Heath, Sub-Lieutenant, RNR, H.M.S. “Carol”, 18.1.1917, Age 42
J. Hendry, Deck Hand, RNR, 2377/SD, H.M.S. “Hurst”, 26.8.1916
T. Heyman, Engineman, RNR, 1164/ES, H.M. Trawler “Caroria”, 26.12.1915
T.J. Holmes, Sto. 2nd Class, RN, K/40744, H.M.S. “Iron Duke”, 30.10.1918, Age 20
T. Hoolihan, Sto. 1st Class, RN, SS/115558, H.M.S. “Lilac”, 21.11.1918
J.L. Hume, Fireman, S.S. “Unio”, 9.11.1918, Age 35
J. Hurley, MMR, Fireman, 624924, H.M.S. “Clarence”, 5.3.1918
J.J. Johnston, Deck Hand, RNR, 362/L, H.M.S. “Balmoral”, 5.12.1918, Age 23
W. Kay, Engineman, RNR, 2222/ES, H.M. Trawler “Morning Star”, 21.1.1919
F. W. Lanfer, MMR, Trimmer, 877441, H.M.S. “Tithonus”, 10.5.1917
J.W. Lee, Able Seaman, RNVR, BZ/4129, H.M.S. “Phaeton”, 13.9.1918, Age 22
J.E. Lendrum, Fireman, S.S. “Pomaron”, 25.11.1918
H.O. Long, Stoker 1st Class, RN, K/1039, H.M.S. “Pembroke”, 7.12.1917
W.R. Lukey, Private 41002, Royal Scots, 2.5.1918, Age 24

Panel 5

M. Lynch, Stoker 1st Class, RN, K/15557, H.M.S. “Verdun”, 21.10.1918
K.MacKaulay, Seaman, RNR, 5356/A, H.M.S. “Gunner”, 3.11.1918, Age 27
C. McDonald, Engineman, RNR, 754/ES, H.M. Trawler “Roskeen”, 23.5.1915, Age 34
W.A. McHardy, Ch Petty Offr, RN, 147548, H.M. Trawler “Isabella Fowlie”, 20.11.1916
J. MacKenzie, Seaman, RNR, 6641/A, H.M. Trawler “Izak Walton”, 13.8.1915, Age 34
J.S. MacKenzie, Ldg Seaman, RN, 224747, H.M.S. “Sikh”, 25.19.1918, Age 31
D. MacLean, Deck Hand, RNR, 21073/DA, H.M. Drifter “Shield”, 11.11.1918
D.A. MacLeod, Sto 1st Class, RN, K/6317, H.M.S. “Pytchley”, 29.11.1918
M.N. McLeod, Deck Hand, RNR, 12003/DA, H.M. Trawler “Scarron”, 7.7.1918, Age 30
J. Main, Lance Cpl 9672, Highland Light Infantry, 1.5.1916, Age 32
H. Mann, Ch Motor Mechanic, RNVR, MB/666, H.M.S. “Gunner”, 10.6.1918, Age 25
G. mason, Seaman, RNR, 7571/A, H.M. Yacht “Salvator”, 22.2.1916
J.M.R. Milet, Able Seaman, RN, SS/545, H.M.S. “Garth”, 12.7.1918, Age 33
C.H. Mitchell, Deck Hand, RNR, 522/SD, H.M. Trawler “Fort George”, 14.6.1917
W. Moore, Private 121205, Lothian & Border Horse, 13.4.1918, Age 25?
W. Morris, Able Seaman, RN, J/25130, H.M.S. “Vega”, 15.8.1918
F. Morrison, Deck Hand, RNR, 9104/A, H.M. Trawler “Sophron”, 22.8.1917
F. Mullaney, MMR, Trimmer, 949505, H.M. Trawler “Britisher”, 18.9.1919, Age 17
P. Murray, Sto. Petty Officer, RN, 294950, H.M.S. “Express”, 14.10.1916, Age 36
H.G. Nicholls, 2nd Private 190579, Royal Air Force, 1.7.1918

Panel 6

S.L. Norton, Wireman 2nd Cl, RN, M/30364, H.M.S. “Vanity”, 23.7.1918, Age 18
L. Paraman, MMR, Trimmer, 907798, H.M.M.S. “Hambledon”, 27.7.1918
B. Parkinson, MMR, Fireman, 847994, H.M.S. “Holderness”, 21.11.1917, Age 31
G. Parson, Lance Cpl, RMLI, PO/3529, S.S. “Sicily”, 14.10.1916
W.H. Penrose, Deck Hand, RNR, 2164/DA, H.M. Trawler “Prefect”, 6.10.1918, Age 22
J.T. Peters, Deck hand, RNR, 110/SD, H.M. Trawler “Fort George”, 14.6.1917
P.E.Peterson, Able Seaman, RN, J/1650, H.M.S. “Indomitable”, 9.7.1917
R. Powers, Private, RMLI, PO/5223, H.M.S. “Fiona”, 2.12.1914, Age 42
J. Quinn, MMR, Fireman, 908198, R.F.A. “Distol”, 21.7.1918
A.L. Rea, Musician, RMB, 490, H.M.S. “Monarch”, 26.5/1918
W.H. Reed, Trimmer Cook, RNR, 483/TC, H.M.M.L. “65”, 2.1.1918
T.C. Rennie, Lieutenant, RNR, H.M.S. “Passing”, 13.1.1919, Age 33
H. Rooney, Sto Petty Officer, RN, 136695, H.M.S. “Ringdove”, 4.7.1916
W. Ross, MMR, Cook, H.M.S. “Bendigo”, 10.2.1919
E.J. Seward, Able Seaman, RNVR, LZ/4121, H.M.S. “Sunflower”, 6.2.1919, Age 20
P. Shaw, DSC, Lieut. Commander, RNR, H.M.S. “Sylvia”, 21.4.1918
W. Sinnot, Trimmer, RNR, 7316/TS, H.M. Trawler “Caldy”, 10.12.1918
A.W. Smith, Leading Stoker, RN, K/14144, H.M.S. “Wallington”, 10.7.1918, Age 27
E.R. Smith, Able Seaman, RN, J/6997, H.M.S. “Crescent”, 23.10.1918, Age 26
J. Stables, Engineman, RNR, 262/ES, H.M.S. “Pembroke”, 18.9.1917

Panel 7

J.W. Sudell, Able Seaman, RN, J/61819, H.M.S. “Rob Roy”, 27.11.1918, Age 22
B.H. Symes, Shipwright 1st Cl, RN, 342477, H.M.S. “Nimrod”, 7.11.1918
A. Taylor, Stoker 2nd Class, RN, K/46215, H.M.S. “Cinceria”, 30.10.1918
C.S. Taylor, MMR, Able Bodied Smn, 703318, H.M.S. “Tithonus”, 8.1.1917, Age 31
E.J. Taylor, Able Seaman, RN, J/20143, H.M.S. “Queen Elizabeth”, 27.11.1917
J.E. Taylor, Sto. 1st Class, RN, K/36686, H.M.S. “Cottesmore”, 6.11.1918
J. Thomson, Trimmer, RNR, 127/TS, H.M. Trawler “Vale of Clyde”, 13.12.1914
R.J. Tracey, Deck hand, RNR, 2235/DA, H.M. Trawler “Quickly”, 21.2.1916
F.A. Trent, Stoker 1st Class, RN, K/38197, H.M.S. “Cumberland”, 28.9.1918, Age 23
A.G. (Charlie), Tribe, Boy Servant, RN, L/11237, H.M.S. “Hercules”, 11.10.1918, Age 16
R. Turnbull, Stoker, RNR, 4425/S, H.M.S. “Royalist”, 27.7.1918, Age 23
W. Upsan, Able Seaman, S.S. “Auckland Castle”, 24.8.1918
A. Walker, Able Seaman, RN, 191525, H.M. Trawler “Semiramis”, 12.12.1914
W. Walker, Petty Officer, RN, 178005, H.M.S. “Repulse”, 11.5.1918
W.L. Walker, Officer’s Cook 1st Cl, RN, 365233, H.M.S. “Monarch”, 10.11917
W. Warnock, Gunner 656307, Royal Field Artillery, 7.5.1918
B. Watts, Leading Seaman, RN, 191970, H.M.S. “Tyne”, 3.10.1916, Age 35
W.T. Williams, Paymaster Lieutenant, RNR, H.M.S. “Princess Margaret”, 19.1.1919, Age 33
H.W. Woolford, Stoker Petty Officer, RN, 347302, H.M.S. “Vega”, 14.8.1918
A.E.V. Wooltorton, Cook’s Mate, RN, M/22723, H.M. Trawler “Garth”, 14.7.1918
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