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LIST - Scots VCs of WW1

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:46 pm    Post subject: LIST - Scots VCs of WW1 Reply with quote

01Anderson,William,VC,8191,Cpl.,2nd bn.Yorkshire Regiment,KIA,Neuve Chapelle,13/03/1915.
b.28/12/1882 at Dallas,Elgin,Elginshire,f.Alexander(general labourer),m.Isabella MS Anderson.
Anderson,Alexander,28 yrs.,general labourer,Village of Dallas,f.Alexander,m.Margaret Grant,married Isabella
Anderson,34 yrs.,domestic servant,Village of Dallas,f.William(thatcher),m.Jane Murdoch,after proclamation of
Banns according to the Forms of the established Church of Scotland,at the Village of Dallas,Elgin,Elginshire,26th
Date of Act of Bravery :- 12th March,1915,attacking & bombing enemy who had entered the British trenches
at Neuve Chapelle,d.of w.,13/03/1915.Postumously Awarded.
Name on the Le Touret Memorial,Pas-de-Calais,France.Panel 12.

02Anderson,William Herbert,VC,Lt./Col.,12th bn.Highland Light Infantry,KIA,Maricourt Wood,25/03/1918.
b.29/12/1881 at 17 Woodlands Terr.,Glasgow,f.William James(sharebroker),m.Eleonora Kay,w.G.C.Gilmour.
Anderson,William James,29 yrs.,sharebroker,9 Lynedoch Cres.,in the Parish of Barony,Glasgow,f.William
(chartered accountant),m.Janet Dick,married Eleonora Kay,21 yrs.,landed proprietor's daughter,Cornhill,in
the Parish of Culter,f.Alexander(landed proprietor),m.Jane Miller,after proclamation of Banns according to the
Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at Cornhill in the Parish of Culter,30th March,1881.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 25th March,1918,leading the counter-attacks on Bois Faviere & Maricourt Wood.
Postumously Awarded.
Buried Peronne Road Cemetery,Maricourt,Somme,

03Angus,William,VC,7709,L/Cpl.,8th bn.Highland Light Infantry.
b.28/02/1888 at 16 Polkemmet Rd.,Armadale,Linlithgowshire,f.George(coal miner),m.Margaret MS Malloy.
Angus,George,22 yrs.,coal miner,Kingseat,Dunfermline,f.William(coal miner),m.Jane Ramsay,married Margaret
Malloy,20 yrs.,housekeeper,Kingseat,Dunfermline,f.Peter(ironsone miner,dec.),m.Margaret Brannan,after pro
-clamation of Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,Church Manse,Abbey Parish,
Dunfermline,28th November,1884.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 12th June,1915,rescuing Lt.Martin from below the German parapet at Givenchy.

04Archibald,Adam,VC,213078,Spr.,218th Field Coy.,Royal Engineers.
b.14/01/1879 at 40 Balfour St.,Leith,f.Rennie(plasterer,journeyman),m.Christina MS Anderson.
Archibald,Rennie,23 yrs.,plasterer,18 Pilrig St.,Edinburgh,f.Adam(domestic servant,gardener),m.Janet Menzies,
married Christina Anderson,26 yrs.,domestic servant,Aberdour,f.William(carter,dec.),m.Sarah Blaik,after Banns
according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Easter Aberdour,Fife,28th April,1876.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 4th November,1918,building a floating bridge while under artillery & MG.-fire,at
The Sambre-Oise Canal at Ors.

05Barron,Colin Fraser,VC,404017,Cpl.,3rd,C.E.F.
b.20/09/1893(Illeg.) at Baldavie Cottage,Boyndie,Banffshire,m.Maggie Barron(domestic servant).
Parish of Boyndie,Co.of Banff. In the fourth column of Entry No.51 in the Register Book of births
for the year 1893 before the name of the child's mother insert William Cowie,Soldier,on the
authority of a certificate in the Form of Schedule(F) to the following effect :-
In an action relating to the paternity of a male child named Colin Fraser Barron born September
20th 1893 at the instance of Maggie Barron,Baldavie Cottage,Boyndie,against William Cowie,
soldier,Seafield Farm,Cullen,the Sheriff at Banff on the 31st of January,1894,found that the said
child was the illegitimate child of the said William Cowie.1st February,1894.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 6th November,1917,attacking 3 German Machine Guns single-handed,killing four of
the crews and capturing the remainder,during the attack on Passchendaele Village.

06Bisset,William Davidson,VC,Lt.,1/6th bn.Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.
b.07/07/1893 at Bauchlands,St.Martin,Perthshire,f.John(plumber),m.Nellie Milne MS Davidson.
Bisset,John,22 yrs.,plumber,journeyman,Bankhill,Perth,Kinnoull,f.James(railway goods guard,dec.),m.Elizabeth
McKillop,married Nellie Milne Davidson,22 yrs.,domestic servant,Fairmount,Perth,Kinnoull,f.William(joiner,
master),m.Jane Milne,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Bridgend Hall,
Perth,30th December,1892.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 25th October,1918,East of Maing.

07Brodie,Walter Lorrain,VC,MC,Lt./Col.,2nd bn.Highland Light Infantry,KIA,23/08/1918.
b.28/07/1884 at 13 Belgrave Pl.,Edinburgh,f.John(chartered accountant),m.Grace Mary MS Lorrain.
Brodie,John,28 yrs.,chartered accountant,47 Melville St.,Edinburgh,f.Patrick(bank manager),m.Mary Wilson,
married Grace Mary Lorrain,25 yrs.,spinster,53 Northumberland St.,Edinburgh,f.Walter Scott(East India merc
-hant,dec.),m.Grace Paterson Gillespie(dec.),after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of
Scotland,at 53 Northumberland St.,Edinburgh,27th August,1879.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 11th November,1914,for conspicious gallantry near Becelaere,in clearing the enemy
out of a portion of British trenches,killing 80 and taking 51 prisoners.
Buried Bienvillers Military Cemetery,Pas-de-Calais,

08Brooke,James Anson Otho,VC,MID,Cpt.,2nd bn.Gordon Highlanders,KIA,Gheluvelt,29/10/1914.
b.03/02/1884 at Fairley House,Newhills,f.Harry Vesey(late Cpt.,92nd G.H.),m.Patricia Muir MS Byres.
Brooke,Henry Vesey,full age,Captain,late 92nd Highlanders,82 Eccleston Sq.,Belgravia,f.Arthur Brinsley
(Baronet,M.P.),married Patricia Byres Moir Byres,minor,spinster,7D Coburg St.,Pimlico?,f.James Greg
-ory Moir Byres(Esquire),after Banns according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church
by me,T.A.Anson,Rector of Longford,at St.Michael's Church,Pimlico,County of Middlesex on the 9th
December,1879 in the presence of us,James Gregory Moir Byres,Catherine J.E.Phipps,Henrietta Brooke.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 29th October,1914,preventing a German breakthrough in the line at Gheluvelt.
Postumously Awarded.
Buried Zantvoorde British Cemetery,Zonnebeke,W.Vlaanderen,

09Broomfield,William Anderson,Cpt.,VC,MID,S.A.Scout Corps,2nd S.A.Mtd.Bde.
b.30/01/1873 at 4 Gilmour Park,Edinburgh,f.James(photographer asst.),m.Jane Turnbull MS Cargill.
Broomfield,James,22 yrs.,lithographic stone polisher,4 Gilmour Park,Edinburgh,f.William(dyke builder),
& Jane Turnbull Cargill,21 yrs.,spinster,4 Gilmour Park,Edinburgh,f.Anderson(engineer's workman),m.
Jane Watson(dec.),were married After Banns according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland at
4 Gilmour Park,Edinburgh,10th January,1872.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 24/08/1916 at Mlali,East Africa,rescuing wounded 2475,Cpl.D.M.P.Bowker,
while under MG.-fire.

10Bruce,William Arthur McCrae,VC,Lt.,59th Scinde Rifles,KIA,Givenchy-les-La Bassee,19/12/1914.
b.15/06/1890 at 5 Warrender Park Cres.,Edinburgh,f.Andrew M.(Lt./Col.,4th Punjabi),m.Margaret MS Hay.
Bruce,Andrew McCrae,47 yrs.,Lt./Col.,London,f.William Arthur(gentleman),married Margaret Hay,32 yrs.,
spinster,Graham Terr.,Southsea,f.Charles(gentleman),by Licence,according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the
Established Church,at St.Simon's Church,Southsea,Parish of Portsea,County of Southampton,6th June,1889.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 19th December,1914,night attack,capturing a German trench at Givenchy-les-La
Bassee,& holding it until killed.Postumously Awarded.
Name on the Neuve-Chapelle Memorial,Pas-de-Calais,France.Panel 25.

11Buchan,John Crawford,VC,2nd/Lt.,7th bn.Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,attd.8th,KIA,22/03/1918.
b.10/10/1892 at 9 King St.,Alloa,Clackmannanshire,f.David(publisher),m.Margaret MS Crawford.
Buchan,David,26 yrs.,reporter,Back O' Dykes,Alloa,f.David(joiner),m.Ann Taylor,married Margaret Crawford,
27 yrs.,domestic servant,Gavinton,Alloa,f.Robert(wool spinner),m.Janet Hall(dec.),after Banns according to the
Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at Alloa,Clackmannanshire,27th June,1883.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 21st March,1918,surrounded by the enemy,E.of Marteville,held out & withdrew
to the Support Line,where he was killed on the 22nd March,1918.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Roisel Communal Cemetery Extension,Somme,

12Caldwell,Thomas,VC,295536,Sgt.,12th bn.Royal Scots Fusiliers.
b.06/02/1894 at Kirkton St.,Carluke,Lanarkshire,f.George(carter),m.Maggie MS Craig.
Caldwell,George,26 yrs.,general carter,Orchard St.,Carluke,f.Thomas(carting contractor),m.Helen Clarkson,
married Maggie Craig,26 yrs.,domestic servant,6 Double Row,Tannochside,f.Joseph(coal miner),m.Janet Muir,
after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at 6 Double Row,Tannochside,Both
-well Parish,Lanarkshire,22nd December,1893.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 31st October,1918,in attack near Oudenarde,captured a farm single-handed,
along with 18 prisoners.

13Carmichael,John,VC,34795,Sgt.,9th bn.North Staffordshire Regiment.
b.01/04/1893 at Staney Brae Cottages,Glenmavis,by Airdrie,f.Alexander(quarryman),m.Janet MS Harrison.
Carmichael,Alexander,30 yrs.,stone dresser,Furnace,f.Donald(slate quarryman),m.Mary McPherson,married
Janet Harrison,21 yrs.,spinster,Furnace,f.William(stone dresser),m.Ann Haston,after Banns according to the
Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Furnace,Argyllshire,15th June,1877.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 8th September,1917,placing his helmet over a fizzing grenade & standing on it,
thereby saving his platoon from mortal danger,Imperial Avenue,Hill 60,Zwarteleen.

14Clamp,William Charles,VC,42537,Cpl.,6th bn.Yorkshire Regiment,KIA,09/10/1917.
b.28/10/1892 at 2 Bridge St.,Motherwell,Lanarkshire,f.Charles Henry(iron bundler),m.Christina MS Dundas.
Clamp,Charles Henry,23 yrs.,iron bundler,Johnston Sq.,District of Holytown,f.William(iron bundler),m.Hannah
Tunneycliff,married Christina Dundas,19 yrs.,domestic servant,Murphy's Land,New Stevenston,f.James(coal
miner),m.Janet Waldie,after publication of Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church,at New Stevenston,
District of Holytown,Lanarkshire,9th May,1892.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 9th October,1917,attacking & capturing a pillbox,near The Brewery,Poelcappelle,
& bringing out 35 prisoners,killed by a sniper later in the day.Postumously Awarded.
Name on Tyne Cot Memorial,Zonnebeke,W.Vlaanderen,Belgium.Panel 52-54 & 162A.

15Clark-Kennedy,William Hew,VC,CMG,DSO,CdeG avec palme,Lt./Col.,24th,C.E.F.
b.03/03/1879 at Dunskey House,Portpatrick,f.Alexander W.M.(landed proprietor),m.Hon.Lettice-Lucy Hewitt.
Clark-Kennedy,Alexander William Maxwell,-- yrs.,landed proprietor,Knockgray,Kirkcudbrights.,f.Alexander
(Lt./Gen.),m.Mary Jane Welsh,married Hon.Lettice Lucy Hewittt,22 yrs.,Meenglas,Stranorlar,f.James Hewitt,4th
Viscount Lifford,m.Lydia Lucy Wingfield Rigby,after publications of Banns according to theForms of the Church
of Ireland,at Meenglas,Ballybofey,Co.Donegal,2nd February,1875.
Date of Act of Bravery :-27th-28th August,1918,led his bn.with great bravery,in the capture of Crow & Aigrette
trenches at Wancourt,and to the attack on the Fresnoy-Rouvroy Line.

16Combe,Robert Grierson,VC,Lt.,27th,C.E.F.,KIA,03/05/1917.
b.05/08/1880 at 18 Holburn Rd.,Aberdeen,Aberdeenshire,f.James(hotel waiter),m.Elizabeth MS Jardine.
Combe,James,24 yrs.,butler,Cromwell St.,Walton,Liverpool,f.Alexander(gardener),married Elizabeth Jardine,
33 yrs.,spinster,24 Devonshire Rd.,Princes Park,Liverpool,f.George(master mariner),after Banns according to the
Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,at St.John the Baptist Church,Toxteth Park,Liverpool,21st
Date of Act of Bravery :- 3rd May,1917,in attack on Acheville,he reached his objective with only five men left
in the Company,he repeatedly charged the enemy,until he was killed by a sniper.Postumously Awarded.
Name on Vimy Memorial,Pas-de-Calais,France.

17Craig,John Manson,VC,2nd/Lt.,4th bn.Royal Scots Fusiliers,attd.5th.
b.05/03/1896 at Innergeldie,Comrie,Perthshire,f.John(farmer),m.Margaret Eleonora MS McCosh.
Craig,John,31 yrs.,sheep farmer,Invergeldie,Comrie,f.James(landed proprietor),m.Margaret McCulloch,married
Margaret Eleonora McCosh,21 yrs.,spinster,Clydesdale Bank House,Dalry,f.James Manson(solicitor),m.Margaret
Johnstone,after Banns according to the Formsof the Established Church of Scotland,at Clydesdale Bank House,
Dalry,Ayrshire,13th March,1889.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 5th June,1917,rescuing wounded comrades while under heavy Machine Gun-fire,
Umbrella Hill,Egypt.

18Dawson,James Lennox,VC,91608,Cpl.,187th Field Coy.,Royal Engineers.
b.25/12/1891 at 1 Hill St.,Tillicoultry,Clackmannanshire,f.John(mechanic),m.Janet MS Lennox.
Dawson,John,27 yrs.,mechanic,16 Preston St.,Bridgeton,Glasgow,f.John(priseman in factory),m.Ann McLaren,
married Janet Lennox,23 yrs.,warper,spinster,29 Ochil St.,Tillicoultry,f.James(weaver),m.Janet Dawson,after
Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at 29 Ochil St.,Tillicoultry,Clackmannanshire,
15th March,1889.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 13th October,1915,during Gas attack,Hohenzollern Redoubt,walked forward & back
-wards along the Parados,directing Sappers,and clearing Infantry out of the trenches,whilst destroying leaking
gas cylinders by piercing them with rifle bullets.

19Daykins,John Brunton,VC,205353,A/Sgt.,2/4th bn.York&Lancaster Regiment.
b.26/03/1883 at Ormiston,Clarilaw Farm,Hawick,Roxburghshire,f.John(farm steward),m.Betsy MS Brunton.
Daykins,John,27 yrs.,farm servant,Caniston?,Parish of Cavers,f.John(wool frame work knitter),m.Ann Clark,
married Betsy Brunton,27yrs.,spinster,Dodlands,Parish of Cavers,f.John(farmer),m.Elizabeth Rogerson,after
Banns according to the Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at 1 Bridge St.,Hawick,Roxburghshire,17th
Date of Act of Bravery :-20th October,1918,capturing Machine Guns & 55 prisoners,killing many of the
enemy,with the 12 remaining men of his Platoon,at Solesmes.

20Downie,Robert,11213,VC,MM,Cst.G(R),MIDx2,Sgt.,2nd bn.Royal Dublin Fusiliers.
b.12/01/1894 at 611 Springburn Rd.,Glasgow,f.Francis(iron foundry labourer),m.Jane MS Taylor.
Downie,Francis,20 yrs.,foundry labourer,14 Smalls Wynd,Dundee,f.John(foundry labourer),m.Catherine
Johnston,married Jane Taylor,18 yrs.,factory hand spinner,spinster,Kean's Lane,Smalls Wynd,Dundee,f.David
(carpet weaver),m.Catherine Black,after Banns according to the Forms of the Roman Catholic Church,at St.
Andrew's R.C.Chapel,Dundee,Forfarshire,14th February,1876.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 8th October,1916,for leading an attack & capturing part of Regina trench,East of
Lesboeufs,after all his officers had been killed or wounded.

21Dunsire,Robert Anderson,VC,18274,Pte.,13th bn.Royal Scots,wdd.trs.,Hulluch,d.of w.,30/01/1916.
b.26/11/1891 at Buckhaven,Fife,f.Thomas(coal miner),m.Elizabeth MS Warrender,w.Catherine Pitt.
Dunsire,Thomas,19 yrs.,coal miner,widower,Methillhill,Wemyss,f.Thomas(coal miner),m.Catherine Anderson,
married Elizabeth Warrender,18 yrs.,mill worker,spinster,Buckhaven,f.Alexander(fisherman),m.Margaret Taylor,
after Banns according to the Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at Buckhaven,Wemyss,Fife,10th January,
Date of Act of Bravery :- 26th September,1915,rescuing two wounded comrades under heavy fire,lying out
in No Man's Land,Hill 70,East of Loos.
Buried Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery,Pas-de-Calais,

22Edwards,Alexander,VC,265473,A/CSM.,"C"Coy.,6th bn.Seaforth Highlanders,MIA,24/03/1918.
b.04/11/1885 at High St.,Branderburgh,Elginshire,f.Alexander(fisherman),m.Jessie MS Smith.
Edwards,Alexander,22 yrs.,fisherman,Branderburgh,Drainie,f.James(fisherman),m.Ann Souter,married Jessie
Smith,22 yrs.,fisherman's servant,Branderburgh,Drainie formerly Portessie,Rathven,f.William(fisherman),
m.Margaret Drainie Farquhar,after Banns according to the Forms of theUnited Presbyterian Church,U.P.Church,
Lossiemouth,Elginshire,3rd October,1873.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 31st July,1917,attacking & wiping out a pillbox,killing 10 enemy,then stalking and
killing a sniper,who had inflicted casualties,including himself,between Macdonald's Wood & R.Steenbeek.
Name on Arras Memorial,Pas-de-Calais,France.Bay 8.

23Erskine,John,VC,200476,A/Sgt.,"D"Coy.,5/6th bn.Cameronians(Scottish Rifles),KIA,14/04/1917.
b.13/01/1894 at 30 Bridge St.,Dunfermline,Fife,f.William(draper,master),m.Elizabeth MS Dick.
Erskine,William,42 yrs.,draper,master,Cairneyhill,Carnock,f.John(farmer),m.Janet Gilmour,married Elizabeth
Dick,25 yrs.,spinster,Mill Cottage,Bathgate,f.John(plasterer),m.Elizabeth Tennant,after Banns according to the
Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at The Bath Hotel,Bath St.,Glasgow,Lanarkshire,29th March,1893.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 22nd June,1916,rescuing wounded comrades at Givenchy-les-La Bassee.
Name on Arras Memorial,Pas-de-Calais,France.Bay 6.

24Findlay,George De Cardonnel Elmsall,VC,DSO,MC&bar,A/Mjr.,409th(Lowland) Fld.Coy.,R.E.
b.20/08/1889 at Leabank,Cardross,Dunbartonshire,f.Robert E.(East Indian merchant),m.Jane Cecilia L.Scott.
Findlay,Robert Elmsall,27 yrs.,merchant,Boturich Castle,Dunbartonshire,f.Charles Bannatyne(merchant),m.
Georgina de Cardonnel Elmsall,married Jane Cecilia Louise Scott,23 yrs.,spinster,1 Woodside Pl.,Glasgow,
f.James(merchant),m.Jane Martha Galbraith,after Banns according to the Forms of the Episcopal Church of
Scotland,at St.Mary's Church,Birnam,Parish of Little Dunkeld,Perthshire,10th August,1882.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 4th November,1918,constructing a bridge across the Sambre-Oise Canal,at the
Lock,two miles South of Carillon.

25Finlay,David,VC,1780,Sgt.,2nd bn.Black Watch,KIA,in attack on Hanna,Mesopotamia,21/01/1916.
b.29/01/1893 at Guardbridge,Leuchars,Fife,f.George(shepherd),m.Susan MS Small.
Finlay,George,23 yrs.,shepherd,Todhall,Dairsie,f.David(farm servant),m.Helen Peden,married Susan Small,
20 yrs.,paper mill worker,Guardbridge,Leuchars,f.James(paper mill worker),m.Elizabeth Forrest,after Banns
according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Guardsbridge,Leuchars,Fife,25th November,
Date of Act of Bravery :- 9th May,1915,rescuing a wounded man,and carrying him a distance of over a
hundred yards of fire-swept ground to safety,near Rue du Bois.
Name on Basra Memorial,Nasiriyah,Iraq.Panel 25 & 63.

26Frickleton,Samuel,VC,6/2133,L/Cpl.,3rd bn.,3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade,N.Z.E.F.
b.02/04/1891 at Old Lodge,Slamannan,Stirlingshire,f.Samuel(coal miner),m.Elizabeth MS Logan.
Frickelton,Samuel,21 yrs.,coal miner,Holytown,f.Henry(coal miner),m.Margaret Stewart,married Elizabeth
Logan,19 yrs.,spinster,Holytown,f.John(coal miner),m.Elizabeth Waldie formerly Logan MS Nisbet,after Banns
according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Holytown Manse,Parish of Bothwell,1st January,
Date of Act of Bravery :- 7th June,1917,destroying an enemy Machine Gun and crew,which was causing
heavy casualties,he then attacked a second Gun,killing the whole crew of twelve,edge of Messines.

27Hamilton,John Brown,VC,331958,A.L/Cpl.,"B"Coy.,9th bn.Highland Light Infantry.
b.26/08/1896 at 190 High St.,Dumbarton,Dunbartonshire,f.Thomas(steel moulder),m.Agnes MS Brown.
Hamilton,Thomas,23 yrs.,iron moulder,journeyman,The Square,Cambuslang,f.Alexander(master carter),m.
Agnes Orr,married Agnes Brown,22 yrs.,powerloom weaver,spinster,Chapelpark,Cambuslang,f.James(road
-surfaceman),m.Mary Jenkins,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at
Chapelpark,Cambuslang,Lanarkshire,1st January,1878.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 25th-26th September,1917,bringing up ammunition on his own from the Support Line
to the Front line,under continuous heavy fire,North of the Menin Road.

28Henderson,Arthur,Cpt.,VC,MC,"A"Coy.,6th bn.Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,KIA24/04/1917.
b.06/05/1893 at 18 Greenhill Rd.,Paisley,Renfrewshire,f.George(builder,master),m.Elizabeth MS Purdie.
Henderson,George,29 yrs.,mason,foreman,Glasgow,f.John(farmer),m.Helen Miller,married Elizabeth Purdie,
24 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Lessudden,St.Boswells,f.Alexander(fisherman),m.Agnes Imery Jonery,after
Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Lessudden,St.Boswells,Roxburghshire,
29th December,1882.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 24th April,1917,in attack & capture of part of The Hindenberg Line between Fontaine
-lez-Croisilles & River Sensee.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Cojeul British Cemetery,St.Martin-sur-Cojeul,Pas-de-Calais,

29Henderson,George Stuart,VC,DSO&bar,MC,MIDx5,Cpt.,2nd bn.Manchester Regt.,KIA,24/07/1920.
b.05/12/1893 at East Gordon,Berwickshire,f.Robert(farmer),m.Mary Agnes MS Ross.
Henderson,Robert,42 yrs.,farmer,East Gordon,Parish of Gordon,f.George(farmer),m.Agnes Scott Herriot,mar
-ried Mary Agnes Ross,29 yrs.,spinster,Newtonlees,f.James(farmer),m.Jessie Aitchison,after Banns according
to the Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at Newtonlees,Parish of Ednam,Roxburghshire,1st March,1893.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 24th July,1920,under attack from a large party of Arabs,15 miles from Hillah,
Mesopotamia,on three occasions led a bayonet attack which dispersed & drove off the enemy.Postumously
Name on Basra Memorial,Nasiriyah,Iraq.Panel 31 & 64.

30Huffam,James Palmer,VC,2nd/Lt.,5th bn.Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment,attd.2nd.
b.31/03/1897 at The Armoury,Dunblane,Perthshire,f.Edward V.(Sgt.,B.W.),m.Dorothy MS Roughead.
Huffam,Edward Valentine,23 yrs.,cabinet carver,12 Princes St.,Spittal,Berwick,f.Alfred Meek(oil painter),married
Dorothy Roughead,21 yrs.,spinster,12 Peinces St.,Spittal,Berwick,f.John(fisherman),The Registry Office,Berwick,
Co.of Northumberland,21st September,1884.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 31st August,1918,at St.Servin's Farm,with 3 men,rushed an enemy Machine Gun
Post,and put it out of action,it was then heavily attacked & he was forced to withdraw fighting,carrying back
a wounded comrade.

31Hunter,David Ferguson,VC,****,Cpl.,5th bn.Highland Light Infantry.
b.29/11/1891 at Kingseat,Dunfermline,Fife,f.Peter(coal miner),m.Maria MS Ferguson.
Hunter,Peter,21 yrs.,coal miner,Kingseat,Dunfermline,f.Robert(coal miner),m.Helen Whyte,married Maria
Ferguson,20 yrs.,weaver damask factory,spinster,29 Queen Anne St.,Dunfermline,f.Thomas(bricklayer),m.
Mary Ann Grieve,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at James St.,
Dunfermline,Fife,31st December,1883.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 16th-17th September,1918,N.W.of Moeuvres,W.of Cambrai,holding out for two
days in an Outpost,surrounded,on both Flanks by the enemy,until relieved,Moeuvres,France.

32Jarvis,Charles Alfred,VC,3976,L/Cpl.,57th Field Coy.,Royal Engineers
b.29/03/1881 at Coastguard Bldgs.,Fraserburgh,f.Charles Alfred(coastguardman),m.Mary Jane MS Blyth.
Jarvis,Charles Alfred,30 yrs.,coastguard,Admiralty Buildings,Fraserburgh,f.Samuel(postmaster),m.Eveline Mole,
married Mary Jane Blyth,23 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,High St.,Fraserburgh,f.John(cooper),m.Mary Ironside,
after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Fraserburgh,Aberdeenshire,21st
Date of Act of Bravery :- 23rd August,1914,for working under fire in full view of the enemy,for preparing
& successfuly firing charges and demolitioning a bridge at Jemappes.

33Johnston,William Henry,Mjr.,VC,MIDx4,15th Inf.Bde.,Royal Engineers,KIA,sniper,nr.St.Eloi,08/06/1915.
b.21/12/1879 at 2 Madeira Pl.,Leith,f.William(riding master,Royal Artillery),m.Mary MS Russell.
According to Records,William Johnston married Mary Russell in London on 12th July,1864.Unfortunately I
cannot trace any Marriage on that date.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 14th September,1914,building two Rafts and ferrying wounded men back,and
bringing up ammunition the other way,across the River Aisne at Missy.
Buried Perth Cemetery(China Wall),Ieper,W.Vlaanderen,

34Ker,Allan Ebenezer,Lt.,VC,3rd bn.Gordon Highlanders.
b.05/03/1883 at 14 Findhorn Pl.,S.Edinburgh,f.Robert Darling(solicitor),m.Johanna MS Johnston.
Ker,Robert Darling,29 yrs.,solicitor & notary Public,10 Norton Terr.,Newington,Edinburgh,f.Robert Darling
(coal merchant),m.Ann Hume,married Johanna Johnston,28 yrs.,spinster,St.Abbs,Russell Pl.,Trinity,North Leith,
f.Daniel(wood merchant),m.Margaret Crawford,after publication according to the Forms of the United Presb
-yterian Church,at St.Abbs,Russell Pl.,Trinity,N.Leith,20th April,1882.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 21st March,1918,for holding off 500 of the enemy for 3 hours,along with a Sgt.&
some wounded men,using a Vickers Machine Gun and revolvers,near St.Quentin.

35Laidlaw,Daniel Logan,VC,CdeG(F)avec palms,15851,Ppr.,7th bn.King's Own Scottish Borderers.
b.26/07/1875 at Swinton,Berwickshire,f.Robert(quarryman),m.Margaret MS Logan,w.Georgina Mary Harvie.
Laidlaw,Robert,22 yrs.,hind,Little Swinton,f.William(hind),m.Alisin Inglis,married Margaret Logan,18 yrs.,field
worker,spinster,Swinton Mill,m.Margaret Logan,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church
of Scotland,at Swinton Mill,Parish of Swinton,Berwickshire,13th December,1867.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 25th September,1915,during the attack on Loos & Hill 70,mounting the parapet and
marching up and down,playing his Coy.out of the trench & following,until wounded.

36Lauder,David Ross,VC,7709,Pte.,4th bn.Royal Scots Fusiliers.
b.21/01/1894 at Easter Glentree,near Airdrie,Lanarkshire,f.Angus(tailor,journeyman),m.Minnie MS Crawford.
Lauder,Angus,27 yrs.,tailor,journeyman,Main St.,Longriggend by Airdrie,f.David(tailor,foreman),m.Elspeth Ross,
married Minnie Crawford,24 yrs.,dressmaker,spinster,Main St.,Longriggend by Airdrie,f.Jeremiah(coal miner),
m.Janet Reid,after publication according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,at Airdrie,Lanarkshire,
30th April,1892.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 13th August,1915,when attacking a Turkish Sap,he threw a bomb,which did not
clear the parapet,rebounding amongst the bombing party,he stood on it to protect the other men,losing a foot.

Although the following soldier was born in England,his mother & father were Scottish,all his brothers
& sisters were born in Scotland,he was educated at an Inverness School & if you said he wasn't
Scottish he would probably have knocked your block off!
37MacKenzie,Hugh MacDonald,VC,DCM,CdeG(F),1158,Lt.,7th Cdn.Bde.MG.Coy.,C.E.F.,KIA,30/10/1917.
b.05/12/1885 at 62 Hunter St.,Islington,Liverpool,Lancashire,f.James(marine engineer),m.Jane MS MacDonald.
McKenzie,James,24 yrs.,confection packer,6 Stokter St.,Dundee,f.John(farm servant),m.Marjory Small,married
Jane MacDonald,25 yrs.,domestic servant,24 Pixie St.,Dundee,f.Hugh(shipwright),m.Agnes Collins,after Banns
according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,at Free Church,24 Rose St.,Dundee,Forfarshire,13th June,
MacKenzie,Hugh McDonald,of the City of Montreal,Carter,and Marjory McGuigan of the same place,Spinster,
were married by Authority of License on the Fourteenth day of May,one thousand nine hundred and twelve.By me
Herbert Symons,Vicar,Anglican Christ Church Cathedral,Montreal,Quebec.This marriage was solemnized by us,
Hugh McDonald Mackenzie,Marjory McGuigan.Witnesses,Peter Smith,G.J.Cowan.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 30th October,1917, for organising and attacking a pillbox at Meetcheele.Postumously
name on Menin Gate Memorial,Ieper,W.Vlaanderen,Belgium.Panel 32.

38Mackintosh,Donald,VC,Lt.,3rd bn.Seaforth Highlanders,attd.2nd,KIA,Roeux-Gavrelle Rd.,11/04/1917.
b.11/02/1896 at Superintendent's Hse.,Western Infirm.,Glasgow,f.Donald(medical supt.),m.Margaret Fullarton.
Mackintosh,Donald James,32 yrs.,medical superintendent,Western Infirmary,Glasgow,f.Donald(schoolteacher),
m.Agnes Dawson,married Margaret Fullarton,32 yrs.,farmer's daughter,spinster,Radstone,Cargill Parish,f.
Thomas(farmer),m.Jessie McFarlane,after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,at
Station Hotel,Perth,19th December,1894.
Date of Act of Bravery :-11th April,1917,for capturing a trench just West of the Roeux-Gavrelle Road alth
-ough wounded,beating off a German counter-attack,he was wounded again.Unable to walk,he crawled out
of the trench to encourage his men to contiue the adavance,and was then hit a third time.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Brown's Copse Cemetery,Roeux,Pas-de-Calais,

39May,Henry,VC,7504,Pte.,1st bn.Cameronians(Scottish Rifles).
b.29/07/1885 at 246 Nuneaton St.,Glasgow,Lanarkshire,f.Henry(city cleansing carter),m.Maggie MS Fyfe.
May,Henry,24 yrs.,city cleansing carter,41 Dunn St.,Glasgow,f.Daniel(city cleansing carter),m.Paulette Mayberry,
married Maggie Fyfe,23 yrs.,papermill finisher,spinster,41 Dunn St.,Glasgow,f.Gavin(Sargeant,Royal Artillery,dec.),
m.Margaret Fyfe formerly Dodd MS Reid,after Banns according to the Forms of the Congregationalists,at 163
Mordaunt St.,Bridgeton District,Glasgow,Lanarkshire,26th December,1879.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 22nd October,1914,for rescuing wounded comrades in No Man's Land at La

40McAulay,John,VC,DCM,MIDx2,****,Sgt.,1st bn.Scots Guards.
b.23/12/1888 at Rossland Pl.,Kinghorn,Fife,f.John(shale miner),m.Isabella MS Stevenson.
McAullay,John,28 yrs.,coal miner,Burntisland,f.Prim(surfaceman),m.Mary Ronald,married Isabella Stevenson,
23 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,East Plean,f.Nicol(coal miner),m.Elizabeth Johnston,after Banns according to
the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at East Plean,Bannockburn,Stirlingshire,31st December,1885.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 27th November,1917,for rescuing Lt.the Hon.Arthur Kinnaird,MC,at Fontaine Notre
Dame,near Cambrai,carrying him 300 yards,also killing two of the enemy who tried to prevent him.

41McBeath,Robert Gordon,(alias),VC,240171,L/Cpl.,5th bn.Seaf.Highlndrs.,murdered in Canada,09/10/1922.
Murison or Shepherd,Robert McBeath Gordon,b.05/12/1897 at Bath St.,Fraserburgh,m.Williamina Murison,
married on 7th September 1883 to Robert George Shepherd,tin case maker,who she declares is not the father of
the child & further that she has not been living with her husband for several years.
McBeath,Robert,20 yrs.,shepherd,L/Cpl.,1/5th Seaforth Highlanders,Burnside,Kinlochbervie,parents names
missing from Marriage Certificate,& Barbara Mackay,18 yrs.,spinster,Burnside,Kinlochbervie,f.John(fisher
-man),m.Williamina Morrison,were married at United Free C.of S.,Palace Hotel,Castle St.,Edinburgh,19th
Date of Act of Bravery :- 20th November,1917,attacking a Machine Gun Post,shooting the Gunner with his
pistol, finding several more hostile Machine Guns,he attacked them with the aid of a tank,he then entered a deep
dugout,after shooting the enemy sentry,capturing 3 officers and 30 men.
Buried Mountain View Cemetery,Vancouver,B.C.,*/*/193/0006.

42McGregor,David Stuart,VC,Lt.,6th bn.Royal Scots,attd.29th bn.,MGC(Inf).,KIA,Hoogmolen,22/10/1918.
b.16/10/1895 at 112 Marchmont Rd.,Edinburgh,f.David(clothier & outfitter),m.Annie MS McDonald.
McGregor,David,38 yrs.,cashier,Edinburgh,f.James(merchant),m.Marjory Stewart,married Annie Mcdonald,
32 yrs.,teacher,spinster,Edinburgh,f.Peter(farmer),m.Isabella Stewart,after Banns according to the Forms of the
EstablishedChurch of Scotland,at Ledueskea,Grandtully,Perthshire,15th June,1888.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 22nd October,1918,in attack suppressing the enemy Machine Guns,enabling the ad-
vance to continue,near Hill 66,Hoogmolen.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Stasegem Communal Cemetery,Harelbeke,W.Vlaanderen,

43McGregor,John,VC,MC&bar,DCM,116031,Cpt.,2nd bn.Canadian Mounted Rifles,C.E.F.
b.11/02/1889 at Newlands of Urchany,Nairn,Nairnshire,f.William(farmer),m.Hannah MS McDonald.
McGregor,William,41 yrs.,farmer,Newlands of Urchany,Parish of Nairn,f.William(farmer),married Hannah
McDonald,29 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Abriachan,Parish of Inverness,f.William(meal miller),m.Elizabeth
McDonald,after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,at Queen's Hotel,Church St.,
Inverness,Inverness-shire,9th February,1883.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 29th September to 3rd October,1918,at Neuville St.Remy,when the advance was
checked by Machine Guns,although wounded,pushed on and located the enemy's guns.He then ran forward
in broad daylight,in the face of heavy fire,and with rifle and bayonet,put the enemy crews out of action,killing
four and taking eight prisoners.

44McGuffie,Louis,VC,240693,Cpl.,5th bn.King's Own Scottish Borderers,KIA,,04/10/1918.
b.15/02/1893 at High St.,Wigtown,Wigtownshire,f.Edward(general labourer),m.Catherine MS Gilmour.
McGuffie,Edward,34 yrs.,general labourer,widower,Wigtown,f.Thomas(post messenger),m.Margaret Rankin,
married Catherine Gilmour,30 yrs.,field worker,spinster,Wigtown,f.John(general labourer),m.Agnes McAlister,
after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Wigtown,Wigtownshire,13th
Date of Act of Bravery :- 28th September,1918,at Piccadilly Farm,Wytschaete,single-handed,entered several
enemy dugouts and took many prisoners,and during subsequent operations dealt similarly with dugout after
dugout,forcing one officer and 25 other ranks to surrender.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Zantvoorde British Cemetery,Zonnebeke,W.Vlaanderen,

45MacIntosh,George Imlach,VC,265579,Pte.,"C"Coy.,6th bn.Gordon Highlanders.
b.22/04/1897 at 80 Portessie,Rathven,Banffshire,f.Alexander(fisherman),m.Mary Jane MS Reid.
McIntosh,Alexander,29 yrs.,fisherman,Portessie,Rathven,f.Alexander(boat carpenter),m.Elizabeth Brodie Coull,
married Mary Jane Reid,23 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Sea View Rd.,Buckie,f.William(fisherman),m.Margaret
Corrie,after publication according to the Forms of the Wesleyan Methodist Church,at 10 Sea View Rd.,Buckie,
Banffshire,14th September,1894.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 31st July,1917,attacking a blockhouse containing 2 Machine Guns & 20 men,throwing
a bomb amongst them,killing two & wounding another,capturing the 2 Guns at the River Steenbeek.

46McIntyre,David Lowe,VC,Lt.,Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders,attd.6th bn.Highland Light Infantry.
b.18/06/1895 at Portnahaven,Islay,Argyllshire,f.Archibald S.(Free Church Minister),m.Elizabeth MS Lowe.
McIntyre,Archibald Stewart,36 yrs.,minister,Free C.of S.,Free Church Manse,Portnahaven,f.Alexander
(shepherd),m.Catherine McDonald,married Elizabeth Lowe,25 yrs.,spinster,15 Downie Terr.,Corstorphine,
f.David(horticultural builder),m.Margaret Dudgeon,after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of
Scotland,at 15 Downie Terr.,Corstorphine,22nd June,1893.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 24th-27th September,1918,at Croisilles,he took a small party of men forward
through the enemy barrage in pursuit of an enemy Machine Gun detachment,and ran them to earth in a pillbox,
killing three,capturing an officer,ten other ranks and 5 Machine Guns.

47McIver,Hugh,VC,MM&bar,12311,Pte.,"C"Coy.,2nd bn.Royal Scots,KIA,02/09/1918.
b.21/07/1890 at 30 Napier St.,Linwood,Renfrewshire,f.Hugh(ironstone miner),m.Mary MS Flynn.
McIver,Hugh,28 yrs.,shale miner,Napier St.,Linwood,f.Hugh(general labourer),m.Margaret Morrison,married
Mary Flynn,24 yrs.,threadmill hand,spinster,Napier St.,Linwood,f.Patrick(general labourer),m.Mary Rafferty,
after Publication according to the Forms of the Roman Catholic Church,at St.Margaret's Church,Johnstone,
Renfrewshire,2nd October,1884.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 23rd August,1918,East of Courcelles-le-Comte,inspite of heavy artillery & machine
gun-fire,employed as a runner,he carried messages,regardless of his own safety.Single-handed,he pursued an
enemy scout into a machine-gun post,and having killed six of the garrison,captured twenty prisoners with two
machine guns.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Vraucourt Copse Cemetery,Vaulx-Vraucourt,Pas-de-Calais,

48McKenzie,James,VC,8185,Pte.,2nd bn.Scots Guards,KIA,by a sniper,Rouge Bancs,2 p.m.,19/12/1914.
b.02/04/1884 at West Glen,New Abbey,Kirkcubrightshire,f.Alexander(mason,jrnymn.),m.Marion MS Millar.
McKenzie,Alexander,23 yrs.,mason,journeyman,65 Eglinton St.,Glasgow,f.James(plasterer,master,dec.),m.Isa
-bella Baillie(dec.),married Marion Millar,22 yrs.,dairy-maid,spinster,West-glen,New Abbey,f.Hugh(farmer),
m.Marion Cairnduff,after Banns according to the Forms ofthe Established Church of Scotland,West Glen,New
Abbey,Kirkcudbrightshire,8th June,1883.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 19th December,1914,at Rouge Bancs near Petillon,rescuing a severely wounded
man from the front of German trenches under a very heavy fire,after a stretcher party hed been compelled to
abandon the attempt.Postumously Awarded.
Name on Ploegsteert Memorial,Comines-Warneton,Hainaut,Belgium.Panel 1.

49McPhie,James Brennan,VC,422047,Cpl.,416th Field Coy.,R.E.,d.of w.,Aubencheul-au-Bac,14/10/1918.
b.18/12/1894 at 21 Salisbury Pl.,Edinburgh,f.Allan(commission agent),m.Elizabeth MS Brennan.
McPhie,Allan,39 yrs.,billiard rooms proprietor,56 Lothian St.,Edinburgh,f.Allan(butcher,dec.),m.Agnes Dawson
(dec.),married Elizabeth Brennan,27 yrs.,spinster,112 Ross St.,Edinburgh,f.James(railway labourer),m.Mary
Rodger,after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,56 Lothian St.,Edinburgh,11th
Date of Act of Bravery :- 14th October,1918,Canal de la Sensee,near Aubencheul-au-Bac,with a party of Sap
-pers maintaining a cork float bridge across the Canal,the farther end of the bridge was under close machine gun
-fire,& began to sink when Infantry were crossing it.Having reported the broken bridge,he led the way,axe in
hand with the words "It is death or glory work that must be done for the sake of our patrol on the other side".
He was at once severely wounded & died after receiving several further wounds.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Naves Communal Cemetery Extension,Nord,

50Meikle,John,VC,MM,200854,Sgt.,4th bn.Seaforth Highlanders,KIA,
b.11/09/1898 at 34 Freeland Pl.,Kirkintilloch,Dunbartonshire,f.John(general labourer),m.Annie MS Hollywood.
Meikle,John,28 yrs.,general labourer,Townhead,Kirkintilloch,f.Robert(maltman),m.Janet Henderson,married
Annie Hollywood,19 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Cowgate St.,Kirkintilloch,f.Job(watchman),m.Jane Lockart,
after Banns according to the Forms of theWesleyan Methodist Church,at Cowgate St.,Kirkintilloch,Dunbartonshire,
11th April,1890.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 20th July,1918,attacking single-handed a machine gun nest which had held up his
Coy.,emptying his revolver into the crews of the two guns and putting the remainder out of action with a heavy
stick.Very shortly afterwards another hostile machine gun checked the advance of a Company on his right,
he seized a rifle & bayonet from a fallen comrade and rushed forward against the gun crew,but was killed
almost on the gun position.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Marfaux British Cemetery,Marne,

51Melven,Charles McIntosh,VC,871,Pte.,2nd bn.Black Watch.
b.02/05/1885 at Boddin,Craig,f.James(ploughman),m.Annie MS Matthew,w.Susan Mitchell Clark Irvine.
Melvin,James,25 yrs.,farm servant,Gask,Parish of Kirkden,f.James(farm servant,dec.),m.Ratchel Bruce(dec.),
married Annie Matthew,17 yrs.,farm servant,spinster,Gask,Parish of Kirkden,f.John(farm servant),m.Ann
Langlands,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Gask,Parish of Kirkden,
Forfarshire,25th November,1881.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 21st April,1917,Istabulat,Mesopotamia,single-handedly attacking a Turkish Redoubt,
swept from end to end with rifle & machine gun-fire.Killing one or two of the enemy,jumping into the trench,
with his bayonet in hand,he killed two more and disarmed eight unwounded and one wounded,the rest fleeing.

52Milne,William Johnstone,VC,427586,Pte.,16th,C.E.F.,KIA,Zwischen Stellung,09/04/1917.
b.21/12/1892 at 8 Anderson St.,Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire,f.David(carter),m.Agnes MS McCormick.
Milne,David,25 yrs.,carter,48 Hope St.,Newmains,f.Alexander(ploughman),m.Jane Baker,married Agnes
McCormick,25 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,48 hope St.,Newmains,f.Michael(mineral weigher),m.Jane
Johnston,after Banns according to the Forms of theUnited Presbyterian Church,at 3 Hope St.,Newmains,
Cambusnethan,Lanarkshire,6th October,1885.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 9th April,1917,Between Zwischen Stellung & Zwolfer graben,locating and capturing
two Machine Guns which had held up the advance,by bombing them.Postumously Awarded.
Name on Vimy Memorial,Pas-de-Calais,France.

53O'Neill,John,VC,MM,4119,Sgt.,2nd bn.Leinster Regiment.
b.27/01/1897 at 13 Forsyth St.,Airdrie,Lanarkshire,f.Samuel(coal miner),m.Agnes MS Devan.
O'Neill,Samuel,25 yrs.,coal miner,23 Loudon St.,Airdrie,f.Charles(labourer),m.Mary Hammil,& Agnes Devan,
20 yrs.,domestic servant,14 Montgomery St.,Girvan,f.James(telegraph foreman),m.Annie Boyd,were married
after publication acording to the Forms of the Roman Catholic church at Girvan,26th August,1891.
O'Neill,John,25 yrs.,coal miner,us.res.19 Moore St.,Cadzow,Hamilton,f.Samuel(coal miner),m.Agnes Devan,&
Kathleen O'Neill Flanagan,20 yrs.,dressmaker,us.res.19 Moore St.,Cadzow,Hamilton,f.Henry(Army ordnance
clerk),m.Agnes Bennett,were married at R.C.chapel,Cadzow,18th February,1922.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 14th October,1918,near Moorseele,with eleven men he attacked two machine guns
and an enemy field battery which had been holding up the advance of his company.He captured four field guns,
two machine guns and sixteen prisoners.On the 20th October,with one man,he rushed an enemy machine-gun
position,routing about 100 enemy and causing many casualties.
Buried Holy Trinity Churchyard,Hoylake,Cheshire,

54Paton,George Henry Tatham,VC,MC,A/Cpt.,4th bn.Grenadier Guards,KIA,Gonnelieu,01/12/1917.
b.03/10/1895 at Ashgrove,Inellan,Argyllshire,f.George W.(sugar merchant),m.Henrietta Tatham Henderson.
Paton,George William,26 yrs.,sugar merchant,The Ferno,Innellan,f.Archibald(sugar merchant),m.Agnes Fyfe,
married HenriettaTatham Henderson,24 yrs.,spinster,No.1 George Sq.,Edinburgh,f.Edward(surveyor of Stamps
& Taxes),m.Jessie Lotit Robertson,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established C.of S.,at 1 George Sq.,
Edinburgh,28th April,1886.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 1st December,1917,near Gonnelieu,in halting the German advance,being practically
surrounded,he fearlessly exposed himself to enemy fire,by continually readjusting the line from the parapet,four
times repelling enemy attacks until killed.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Metz-en-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension,Pas-de-Calais,

55Pollock,James Dalglish,VC,12087,Cpl.,5th bn.Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.
b.03/06/1890 at 24 Ochil St.,Tillicoultry,Clackmannanshire,f.Hugh(dyer),m.Maggie Helen MS Dalglish.
Pollock,Hugh,23 yrs.,dyer,journeyman),34 Stirling St.,Tillicoultry,f.Richard(spinner,wool mill),m.Margaret MS
Dawson,married Maggie Helen Dalglish,24 yrs.,factory worker,spinster,26 Ochil St.,Tillicoultry,f.James(foreman,
wool mill),m.Mary Wylie,after Banns according to the Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at 36 Albert Pl.,
Stirling,11th September,1885.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 27th September,1915,when the enemy bombers were working up Little Willie trench
towards Hohenzollern Redoubt,he got out of the trench alone,walked along the top edge and compelled the
enemy bombers to retire by bombing them from above,he was under very heavy machine gun-fire at the time,
and was eventually wounded.

56Ranken,Harry Sherwood,VC,CdeCh.(F),MID,Cpt.,RAMC.,attd.1st bn.KRRC.,d.of w.,25/09/1914.
b.03/09/1883 at 17 Carnarvon St.,Glasgow,f.Henry(Institution rector),m.Helen McCormick MS Morton.
Ranken,Harry,29 yrs.,rector of George Shiells Institution,George Shiells Institution Tenement,f.Henry(upholsterer),
m.Hannah Sherwood,marriedHelen McCormick Morton,34 yrs.,spinster,High St.Tenement,f.Mathew(East India
merchant),m.Helen McIlwraith,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at 17
Carnarvon St.,Glasgow,10th August,1882.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 21st to 30th August,1914,for tending wounded in the trenches under rifle and
shrapnel fire,at Hautvesnes,continuing to tend to the wounded after his thigh and leg had been shattered.He
succumbed to his wounds at Braine.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Braine Communal Cemetery,Aisne,

57Richardson,James Cleland,VC,28930,Pte.(Ppr.),16th,C.E.F.,KIA,Courcelette,09/10/1916.
b.25/11/1895 at The Police Station,Bellshill,Lanarkshire,f.David(police sub inspector),m.Mary MS Prosser.
Richardson,David,25 yrs.,police constable,Mount Vernon,Old Monkland,f.James(ploughman),m.Alice Preston,
married Mary Dall Prosser,25 yrs.,mill worker,spinster,69 High St.,Peebles,f.James(surfaceman),m.Mary Dall,
after Banns according to the Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at 69 High St.,Peebles,Peeblesshire,
14th August,1891.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 8th-9th October,1916,for playing his company over the top,and when they were
held up by very strong wire,he strode up and down in front of the wire,playing the pipes,inspiring the men to
rush the wire and capture the position.He was later KIA,going back to collect his pipes.Postumously Awarded.
Buried Adanac Military Cemetery,Miraumont,Somme,

58Ripply,John,VC,2832,Cpl.,1st bn.Black Watch.
b.30/08/1867 at Land St.,Keith,Banffshire,f.Joseph(labourer),m.Margaret MS Castles.
Ripply,Joseph,23 yrs.,railway labourer,Boat o' Brig,Boharm,f.Benjamin(carpet weaver,dec.),m.Margaret
Miller(dec.),married Margaret Cassels,23 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Land St.,Keith,f.James(labourer),m.
Isabel George,after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,Keith,24th January,1857.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 9th May,1915,During attack on German trenches at Rue du Bois,he led his Section,
standing on the enemy parapet,directing them through gaps in the enemy wire entanglements,establishing a
block at their final objective,which he held until all his men had fallen,& he himself badly wounded in the head.

59Ritchie,Henry Peel,VC,Cdr.,HMS Goliath,Royal Navy.
b.29/01/1876 at 6 Heriot Bridge,Edinburgh,f.Robert Peel(M.D.),m.Mary MS Anderson,w.Christiana Aikman.
Ritchie,Robert Peel,39 yrs.,M.D.,16 Hill St.,Edinburgh,f.Robert(civil engineer,dec.),m.Marion Seton,married
Mary Anderson,33 yrs.,spinster,Blairgowrie,f.James(landed proprietor,dec.),m.Mary Chapman,after Banns
according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Altainorust,Blairgowrie,Perthshire,
20th October,1874.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 29th November,1914,when in command of the searching and demolition operations at
Dar-es-Salaam,East Africa.Though severely wounded several times his fortitude and resolution enabled him to
continue to do his duty inspiring all by his example until at his eighth wound he became unconscious.

60Ritchie,Walter Potter,68,Ppr.,VC,CdeG(F),Dmr.,2nd bn.Seaforth Highlanders.
b.27/03/1892 at 81 Hopehill Rd.,Glasgow,f.Walter(iron fitter,journeyman),m.Helen Monteith MS Murphy.
Ritchie,Walter,29 yrs.,iron fitter,journeyman,244 Parliamentary Rd.,Glasgow,f.John(ploughman),m.Janet
Walker,married Helen Monteith Murphy,26 yrs.,spinster,161 Stirling Rd.,Glasgow,f.Thomas(brushmaker,
journeyman),m.Janet Richardson(muslin manufacturer'swarehousewoman),after Banns according to the Forms
of the Established Church of Scotland,at 161 Stirling Rd.,Glasgow,Lanarkshire,18th July,1884.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 1st July,1916,at Redan Ridge,standing on the enemy's parapet he continually play
-ed "The Charge" ,this helped to rally the melee of men of many units who were now wavering and starting to

61Samson,George McKenzie,VC,O.N.2408A,A.B.,HMS Hussar,R.N.R.
b.07/01/1889 at Barry Rd.,Carnoustie,Forfarshire,f.David(shoemaker,journeyman),m.Helen MS Lawson.
Samson,David,23 yrs.,shoemaker,sprigger,41 Helen St.,Arbroath,f.James(shoemaker,journeyman),m.Jessie
Cross,married Helen Lawson,19 yrs.,powerloom weaver,spinster,4 Brown St.,Carnoustie,f.Alexander(stocker,
powerloom factory),m.Jessie Robertson,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scot
-land,at 4 Brown St.,Carnoustie,Barry,Forfarshire,30th March,1883.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 25th & 26th April,1915,at "V" Beach,Gallipoli,working on a Lighter from HMS
Clyde,all day under fire,attending wounded and getting out lines;he was eventually dangerously wounded
by Maxim fire.

b.10/10/1887 at 6 Gordon Terr.,St.Quivox,Ayrshire,f.William(railway foreman),m.Jane MS McCrirrick.
Shankland,William,30 yrs.,railway servant,13 Garden St.,Wallacetown,Ayr,f.Robert(railway surfaceman),
m.Jane Marchbank,married Jane McCrirrick,24 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Ayr Rd.,Cumnock,f.John
(coach driver),m.Janet Wilson,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,
at Ayr Rd.,Cumnock,Ayrshire,30th November,1882.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 26th October,1917,Bellevue Spur,near Passchendaele,,for holding out on the Spur
after bns.on his Left & Right flanks had withdrawn,returning to the 9th Infantry Brigade H.Q.,handing in a
very valuable report as to the situation and then making his way back to the Front Line.

63Skinner,John Kendrick,VC,DCM,MM&bar,CdeG(F),6895,CSM.,1st bn.K.O.S.B.,KIA,17/03/1918.
b.05/02/1883 at 76 Henderson St.,Glasgow,f.Walter C.(tailor's cutter),m.Mary MS Kendrick,w.Ann E.Y.Lee.
Skinner,Walter Cumming,21 yrs.,tailor,journeyman),7 Bishop St.,Glasgow,f.Peter(farm labourer),m.Ann
Cummings,married Fanny Kendrick,22 yrs.,boot-folder,spinster,7 Bishop St.,Glasgow,f.John(tailor,master,
dec.),m.Elizabeth Cowan,after Banns according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,at 6 Clifton Pl.,
Glasgow,Lanarkshire,31st December,1874.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 18th August,1917,at Widjendrift near Langemarck,although wounded in the head,
he succeeded in bombing & capturing the first of three Blockhouses,then leading his six men,taking the other
two,including 60 prisoners,3 machine guns & 2 trench mortars.He was wounded 3 times in the Boer War,
and 6 times in WW1.He was killed by a sniper near Vlamertinghe,while rescuing a wounded soldier. At his
Funeral the six pallbearers were all VC holders from the 29th Division and the GOC.29th Division described
him as "the bravest man I met in a war won by brave men".
Buried Vlamertinghe New British Cemetery,Ieper,W.Vlaanderen,

64Smith,Archibald Bisset,VC,Lt.,C.O.,s.s.Otaki,R.N.R.,KIA,the Atlantic,10/03/1917.
b.19/12/1878 at Cosie Brae,Cults,Aberdeenshire,f.William(accountant in Aberdeen),m.Annie MS Nicoll.
Smith,William,27 yrs.,general merchant,Cardgale,Parish of Mull,f.William(general merchant),m.Mary Bisset,
married Annie Nicoll,21 yrs.,Independent minister's daughter,spinster,Village of Rhynie,f.Alexander
(Independent minister),m.Margaret Smith,after Banns of the Independent Church of Rhynie,at Village of Rhynie,
Aberdeenshire,31st October,1872.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 10th March,1917,on board s.s.Otaki,420 miles W..75 S.from Lisbon,ship refused to
stop for German Raider Moewe,and an action ensued,resulting in the sinking of s.s.Otaki.Postumously Awarded.
Name on Tower Hill Memorial,Trinity Square,London.

65Strachan,Harcus,15585,VC,MC,Lt.,"B"Sqdn.,Fort Garry Horse,C.E.F.
b.07/11/1884 at Grange Terr.,Bo'ness,Linlithgowshire,f.William(solicitor),m.Isabella Thomson MS Veitch.
Strachan,William,30 yrs.,writer,24 High St.,Linlithgow,f.William(farmer),m.Mary McMillan,married Isabella
Thomson Veitch,24 yrs.,spinster,f.Andrew(market gardener,dec.),m.Isabella Thomson,after Banns according
to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland,at Prince Albert Bldgs.,Edinburgh,19th February,1874.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 20th November,1917,between the bridge at Masnieres & Rumilly,F.G.H.charged
through the German Lines in the believe that the rest of the British & Canadian Cavalry was following,unbe-
known to them,they were not.After attacking various enemy Infantry & Artillery Units,they abandoned their
horses and with captured prisoners,made their way back to the British Lines.

66Tait,James Edward,VC,MC,Lt.,78th,C.E.F.
b.27/05/1886 at Birch Bank,Gillibrae,Dumfries,f.James B.(mason,journeyman),m.Mary Jane MS Johnstone.
Tait,James,22 yrs.,mason,journeyman,266 Crookston St.,Glasgow,f.James(farmer),m.Mary Bryden,married
Mary Jane Johnston,20 yrs.,domestic servant,spinster,Laverock Hall,Parish of Lochmaben,f.William(farmer),
m.Margaret Menzies,after Banns,according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at Laverock Hall,
Parish of Lochmaben,Dumfriesshire,14th July,1882.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 8th-11th August,1918,Beaucourt Wood,S.of Caix,the advance having been checked
by intense machine gun-fire,Lt.Tait rallied his Coy.& led it forward under a hail of bullets.A concealed machine
gun however,continued to cause many casualties.Taking a rifle and bayonet,he dashed forward alone and killed
the enemy gunner.Inspired by his example,his men rushed forward,capturing 12 machine guns & 20 prisoners.
He was later mortally wounded by an enemy shell at the Railway Embankment,W.of Hallu.
Postumously Awarded.
Buried Fouquescourt British Cemetery,Somme,

67Tollerton,Ross Anderson,VC,7281,Pte.,1st bn.Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders.
b.06/05/1890 at The Constabulary Office,Hurlford,Ayrshire,f.James(police constable),m.Jane MS Anderson.
Tollerton,James,29 yrs.,police constable,Waterside,Dalmellington,f.Thomas(foreman surfaceman),m.Margaret
Gillespie,married Jane Anderson,19 yrs.,spinster,Waterside,Dalmellington,f.Ross(sawyer),m.Jane Alexander,
after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland,at 10 Greenhill,Waterside,Dalmellington,
Ayrshire,25th April,1884.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 14th September,1914,Chivy Valley,he rescued wounded Lt.J.S.M.Matheson,carrying
him to a place of safety,however,the enemy soon surrounded them,and it was three days before he managed
to get him into the British Lines.

68Turnbull,James Yuill,VC,15888,Sgt.,17th bn.Highland Light Infantry,KIA,01/07/1916.
b.24/12/1883 at 49 Park Rd.,Glasgow,Lanarkshire,f.James(joiner,master),m.Elizabeth MS Dunlop.
Turnbull,James,30 yrs.,joiner,90 Houston St.,Glasgow,f.John(house factor),m.Jane Yuill,married Elizabeth
Dunlop,29 yrs.,spinster,Bincorrin,Kirn,f.Thomas(contractor),m.Amelia McPherson,after Banns according to
the Forms of the U.P.Church,Kirn,29th December,1870.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 1st July,1916,between Leipzig Redoubt & Hindenberg trench,repelling several enemy
counter-attacks throughout the day.Although his party were wiped out&replaced several times,they held out.
Later in the day he was killed whilst bombing a counter-attack from the parados of the trench.Postumously
Buried Lonsdale Cemetery,Authuille,Somme,

69Wallace,Samuel Thomas Dickson,VC,T.Lt.,"C"Bty.,63rd Brigade,Royal Field Artillery.
b.07/03/1892 at Holmhill,Thornhill,Dumfriesshire,f.John William(farmer),m.Catherine MS Dickson.
Wallace,John William,31 yrs.,farmer,Holmhill,Morton,f.Samuel(farmer,dec.),m.Susan Reid(dec.),married
Catherine Dickson,23 yrs.,spinster,Drumerail,Durrisdeer,f.Thomas(farmer),m.Catherine Moffat,after Banns
according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland at Drumerail,Durrisdeer,Dumfriesshire,
4th June,1891.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 20th November,1917,at Gonnelieu, when the personnel of the Battery were reduced
to five,losing their Commanding Officer & five Sergeants,surrounded by enemy Infantry,he maintained the
firing of the guns by swivelling the trails close together,the men running and loading from gun to gun.He was in
action for eight hours firing and inflicting severe casualties on the enemy.Then owing to the exhausted state of
his men,he withdrew when Infantry Supports arrived,taking all essential gun parts with him,and all wounded.

b.25/06/1887 at Gardenstown,Gamrie,Banffshire,f.Joseph(fisherman),m.Helen MS Watt.
Watt,Joseph,27 yrs.,fisherman,Gardenstown,f.John(fisherman),m.Ann Geddes,married Helen Watt,21 yrs.,
spinster,Gardenstown,f.John(fisherman),m.Helen Mair,after Banns according to the Forms of the Established
Church of Scotland,at Gardenstown,Parish of Gamrie,Banffshire,1st October,1880.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 15th May,1917,Straits of Otranto,Mediterranean,refusing to surrender to 3 Cruisers
and 2 Destroyers of the Austrian Navy,opening fire on the SMS Novara with its 6 Pounder guns.The Gowan
-lea was rapidly hit with four heavy shells seriously damaging the boat.The other Drifters around the Gowan-
lea followed its example,but were also subject to heavy fire,three being sunk.The Austrian ships then headed
for home.

71Wilson,George,VC,9553,Pte.,2nd bn.Highland Light Infantry.
b.29/04/1886 at 1 Milnes Court,Lawnmarket,Edinburgh,f.James(seaman,M.S.),m.Mary MS Hunter.
Wilson,James,22 yrs.,seaman,Merchant Service,45 Milnes Court,Lawnmarket,Edinburgh,f.George(light porter),
m.Marion Liddle,married Mary Hunter,19 yrs.,printer's machinist,spinster,45 Milnes Court,Lawnmarket,Edin
-burgh,f.Thomas(labourer),m.Margaret Steel,by Declaration,at 51 Cockburn St.,Edinburgh,30th April,1872.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 14th September,1914,at Verneuil,River Marne,along with K.R.R.C.Rflmn.,they went
to try to locate a enemy machine gun which was causing haoc and holding up the bn.'s advance.The Rflmn.was
killed,but Wilson continued on alone,when he reached his target,shot six of the enemy,bayoneted an officer and
captured the gun.

72Young,William Henry,VC,5938,Pte.,8th bn.East Lancashire Regiment.
b.15/01/1876 at 74 Hyndford St.,Maryhill,f.Samuel(general labourer),m.Mary MS Treacy,w.Mary E.Simmons.
Young,Samuel,25 yrs.,labourer,Girvan,f.William(labourer),m.Mary McBryde,married Mary MS Tracey
Courtney,21yrs.,widow,Girvan,f.Thomas(labourer),m.Mary Brannan,after Banns according to the Forms
of the Roman Catholic Church,at Girvan,Ayrshire,22nd April,1872.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 22nd December,1915,at trench 5,East of Fonquevillers,rescuing his wounded Sgt.,
Sgt.Allen,during which a bullet shattered both jaws,despite that,along with another soldier they managed to get
him into the trench.He went unaided to the Dressing Station,where it was found that he had been also been wou
-nded by a rifle bullet in the chest.He died in Cambridge Hospital,Aldershot,on Sunday,27th August,1916
under an operation for his jaw.
Buried New Hall Lane Cemetery,Preston,Lancashire,

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Adam Brown

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent work. Many thanks for posting this. It should tie in with the paving slabs being laid over the centenary.

Kind regards

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Adam Brown

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:34 pm    Post subject: Re: SCOTS VCs OF WW1 Reply with quote

A.N.Other wrote:
02Anderson,William Herbert,VC,Lt./Col.,12th bn.Highland Light Infantry,KIA,Maricourt Wood,25/03/1918.
b.29/12/1881 at 17 Woodlands Terr.,Glasgow,f.William James(sharebroker),m.Eleonora Kay,w.G.C.Gilmour.
Anderson,William James,29 yrs.,sharebroker,9 Lynedoch Cres.,in the Parish of Barony,Glasgow,f.William
(chartered accountant),m.Janet Dick,married Eleonora Kay,21 yrs.,landed proprietor's daughter,Cornhill,in
the Parish of Culter,f.Alexander(landed proprietor),m.Jane Miller,after proclamation of Banns according to the
Forms of the United Presbyterian Church,at Cornhill in the Parish of Culter,30th March,1881.
Date of Act of Bravery :- 25th March,1918,leading the counter-attacks on Bois Faviere & Maricourt Wood.
Postumously Awarded.
Buried Peronne Road Cemetery,Maricourt,Somme,

Whilst having all this information is fantasttic for researchers can someone please interpret this genealogical information please. It's too confusing to the layman what all the references to family members are.


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Kenneth Morrison

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Working from the CWGC notes:
Son of W. J. Anderson, C.B.E., of Strathairly, Largo, Fife, husband of Gertrude Campbell Anderson, of 23, Abingdon Court, Kensington, London.

f = father m = mother w= widow

In the case above I'm guessing that the other names are the parents of William James Anderson and Eleonora Kay (the parents of William Herbert)
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Adam Brown

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Ken. So that's details of Anderson VC the soldier, his father and mother, then his wife/ widow. Then back to Anderson VC as a civilian and his father and father's first wife, then his mother, then his mother's parents - is that right?

It's like the start of that old US comedy "Soap"

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Kenneth Morrison

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Adam - this is my reading of the data Confused

William Herbert Anderson married Gertrude Campbell Gilmour [in 1909 in Bonhill, Dunbarton.]
William James Anderson (Sharebroker) married Eleonora Kay in 1881 in Cornhill, Culter.
William Anderson (Chartered Accountant)
Janet Dick

Eleonora Kay
Alexander Kay (Landed Proprietor)
Jane Miller
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Adam Brown

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2015 2:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for clarifying all that Ken. I got "m" for mother confused for an "m" for married.

It makes sense now.

Poor old Gertrude Gilmour not only lost her husband in the war, she also lost her brother Allan.


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