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Churches and Village Halls in Dumfries and Galloway

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:54 pm    Post subject: Churches and Village Halls in Dumfries and Galloway Reply with quote

A large proportion of memorials are to be found inside churches and a significant proportion of these (in Dumfries and Galloway at least) are not listed on UKNIWM. Therefore it makes sense to list all churches and 'check them off' as the memorials are 'collected' or proven not to exist. If I know a closed church has no memorials, I have not bothered to list it.

This is my first attempt at listing the churches of Dumfries and Galloway. If anyone has any additions or suggestions, please let me know. I will keep this updated as I go along but others are welcome to join the hunt of course. Just let me know what has been checked and I will update.

Collected = memorials identified and photos
Part Collected = some photographed but at least one still to collect
None = confirmed that there are no memorials inside the church
needed = yet to be checked

Churchs in Dumfries and Galloway (160) - Updated 4th July 2011

Annan Old Collected
Annan St Andrew's Collected
Annan St Columba RC needed
Annan St John's Episcopal Collected
Annan United Reform Church needed
Applegarth Collected
Ardwell needed
Auchencairn Collected
Balmaclellan Collected
Balmaghie Collected
Bargrennan Collected
Beeswing former church Collected
Boreland (Hutton and Corrie) needed
Borgue None
Brydekirk Collected
Buittle Collected
Caerlaverock Collected
Canonbie United needed
Carsphairn Collected
Castle Douglas Collected
Castle Douglas New Life Church Centre needed
Castle Douglas St Andrew's part Collected
Castle Douglas St John RC collected
Castle Douglas St Ninian's Episcopal Collected
Challoch Episcopal Collected
Closeburn Collected
Colvend none
Corsock none
Crossmichael Collected
Cummertrees needed
Dalbeattie Collected
Dalbeattie Park Church (Baptist) none
Dalbeattie Christ Church Episcopal Collected
Dalbeattie St Peter's Catholic none
Dalswinton Collected
Dalton Collected
Dornock Collected
Dumfries Baptist Church
Dumfries Bethany None
Dumfries Christian Science needed
Dumfries Congregational Church none
Dumfries Free Church of Scotland needed
Dumfries Greyfriars part Collected
Dumfries Latter Day Saints needed
Dumfries Lighthouse Centre needed
Dumfries Lincluden None
Dumfries Lochside (North West Church) None
Dumfries Maxwelltown West Collected
Dumfries River of Life Church needed
Dumfries Salvation Army none
Dumfries St Andrew's Catholic none
Dumfries St George's Collected
Dumfries St John's Episcopal Collected
Dumfries St Mary's Collected
Dumfries St Michael's Collected
Dumfries St Teresa's Catholic
Dumfries Troqueer Collected
Dundrennan Rerrick none
Dunscore part Collected
Durisdeer Collected
Eaglesfield needed
Eastriggs Baxter Hall none
Eastriggs St John's Episcopal needed
Ecclefechan Hoddam
Ervie Kirkcolm
Gatehouse of Fleet Anwoth and Girthon Collected
Gatehouse of Fleet church of resurrection RC
Gatehouse of Fleet St Mary's Episcopal none
Glasserton Collected
Glencairn Collected
Gretna All Saints Episcopal Collected
Gretna Catholic Closed
Gretna Old Collected
Gretna St Andrew's
Hightae Collected
Holywood Collected
Inch Collected
Irongray none
Isle of Whithorn Collected
Johnstonebridge none
Keir Collected
Kelloholm St Mark's Hall
Kelton Collected
Kettleholm St Mungo's Collected
Kirkconnel Collected
Kirkconnel St Connel RC
Kirkcudbright Collected
Kirkcudbright Greyfriars Episcopal Collected
Kirkcudbright St Andrew and St Cuthbert RC memorial missing
Kirkgunzean Collected
Kirkinner Collected
Kirkmabreck Collected
Kirkmaiden (Drummore) Collected
Kirkmaiden (Kirk Covenant) none
Kirkmichael Collected
Kirkpatrick Durham
Kirkpatrick Fleming Collected
Kirkpatrick Juxta
Kirkton Kirkmahoe Collected
Kirtle-Eaglesfield Collected
Langholm Collected
Langholm St Francis of Assisi RC
Lochmaben Collected
Lockerbie All Saints Episcopal
Lockerbie Dryfesdale part Collected
Lockerbie Holy Trinity Catholic
Maxwellton Chapel (nr Dunscore) Collected
Middlebie Collected
Mochrum Collected
Moffat St Andrew's None
Moffat St John's Episcopal Collected
Moffat St Luke's Catholic
Moniaive Collected
Monigaff Collected
Mouswald Collected
New Abbey Collected
New Abbey St Mary RC
New Galloway Kells Collected
New Galloway St Margaret's Episcopal Collected
New Luce None
Newton Stewart Penninghame Collected
Newton Stewart St Ninian's Catholic
Old Luce None
Parton Collected
Penpont Collected
Portpatrick St Ninian's Episcopal
Ruthwell Collected
Sanquhar St Bride's Collected
Sanquhar St Ninian's Collected
Sorbie Collected
Southwick and Kirkbean Collected
St John's Town of Dalry none
Stranraer Baptist
Stranraer High Kirk Collected
Stranraer International Christian (Old Town Kirk) Collected
Stranraer Old Parish Church Collected
Stranraer St John's Episcopal
Stranraer St Joseph's Catholic
Stranraer St Ninian's
Stranraer Town Kirk Collected
Tarff Collected
Terregles Collected
Thornhill Morton Collected
Tinwald Collected
Torthorwald Collected
Twynholm Collected
Urr Collected
Wamphray Collected
Wanlockhead (closed, hard hat area, believed to contain a memorial)
Waterbeck Collected
Westerkirk Collected
Whithorn St Martin and St Ninian Catholic
Whithorn St Ninian's Priory Collected
Wigtown Collected
Wigtown Sacred Heart Catholic

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Joined: 09 Jan 2007
Posts: 4844
Location: St John's Town of Dalry

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have decided that we also need a list of Village and Town Halls. I guess it will take a long time to check them all if I ever do, but a good 50% of them turn out to have unlisted memorials so it is worth the effort. Most of these are used for elections so I am thinking of contacting the Electoral Registration part of the council to see if they can let me have a list of halls and key-holders. And I will keep this list updated, again, just so anyone else knows what buildings have been checked.

Halls in Dumfries and Galloway

Bargrennan Village Hall None
Beeswing Village Hall (memorial to be photographed)
Borgue Hall Collected
Carsphairn Village Hall None
Castle Douglas Town Hall None
Corsock Village Hall None
Crocketford Village Hall None
Crossmichael Village Hall Collected
Dalry Town Hall Collected
Glenlochar Village Hall None
Kippford Village Hall Collected
Kirkcudbright Parish Church Hall None
Kirkcudbright Town Hall None
Kirkinner Village Hall Collected
Kirkmichael Village Hall None
Locharbriggs Village Hall Collected
Lockerbie Town Hall Collected
Moniaive Memorial Hall Collected
Mossdale Village Hall None
New Abbey Women's Guild Hall Collected
New Luce War Memorial Hall None
New Galloway Town Hall Collected
Old Luce Public Hall
Palnackie Village Hall believed to be a memorial in or near the hall
Rhonehouse Village Hall Collected
Ringford Village Hall Collected
Shawhead Village Hall part collected
Springholm Village Hall Collected
Stoneykirk Village Hall
Troqueer Hall None
Twynholm Village Hall believed to be an individual memorial inside
Tynron Village Hall Collected
Urr Village Hall Collected
Wallaceton Village Hall Collected
Whauphill Village Hall Collected
Wigtown Town Hall Collected

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Adam Brown

Joined: 14 Dec 2006
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Location: Edinburgh (From Sutherland)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well done on collecting a list of churches, it's no easy task. I complied a couple for Glasgow and Lanarkshire and that was enough for me.

It's worth doing though to then start ticking them off.

If your on a roll you might want to consider sports clubs as well. There may me meorials such as sheilds or cups still being played for each year.


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