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Is this a Record for a Street in Scotland in WW1?

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:31 pm    Post subject: Is this a Record for a Street in Scotland in WW1? Reply with quote

73 men who were born in George St.,Paisley died as a result of World War One.65 of whom were KIA or d.of wounds.They were :-
Aitken,Charles Porter,49479,Spr.,485th Fld.Coy.R.E.,drowned while bathing,24/08/1918, No.54.
Arneil,James,3rd Engr.,s.s.Earl of Forfar,drowned Archangel,08/11/1916, No.2.
Barr,Thomas Boyd,TT/02813,Pte.,RAVC.,d.of appendicitis,15/04/1917, No.2.
Brown,John,S/5453,Pte.,8/10th bn.G.H.,KIA,12/04/1917, No.49.
Burns,William,86487,Pte.,1st bn.A&SH.,KIA,09/08/1915, No.55.
Burns,William Struther,7459,Pte.,2nd bn.KOSB.,KIA,23/01/1915, No.13.
Cameron,Donald,3648,Pte.,10/11th bn.HLI.,KIA,15/09/ No.148
Campbell,Daniel,M.M.,70730,Pte.,18th bn.MGC(Inf.),d.of w.,21/09/1918, No.78.
Campbell,Thomas Francis,303000,L/Cpl.,1/8th bn.A&SH.,d.,02/12/1918, No.55.
Cashmore,James,22531,Pte.,1st bn.KOSB.,d.of w.,23/11/1917, No.26.
Cavney,John Douglas,59958,Pte.,2nd bn.R.Scots,KIA,02/09/1918, No.72.
Clark,Peter,453257,Sgt.,58th,KIA,28/09/1918, No.149.
Coats,Thomas,16254,Pte.,17th bn.HLI.,KIA,01/07/1916, No.128.
Cockburn,Hugh,192775,Pte.,42nd,KIA,28/08/1918, No.8.
Cook,John,6691,Pte.,1st bn.B.W.,KIA,09/05/1915, No.99.
Coulter,John McKay,42753,Gnr.,122nd Hvy.Bty.RGA.,d.of w.,23/08/1915, No.145.
Crawford,Thomas,13095,Pte.,10th bn.C(S.R.),KIA,27/01/1916, No.148.
Crawford,William Park,S/5572,Pte.,12th bn.A&SH.,d.of malaria, 28/08/1916, No.54.
Cullen,William,31662,Pte.,10/11th bn.HLI.,d.of w.,27/03/1917, No.126.
Cunningham,David,CZ/5450,A.B.,Nelson bn.,KIA,13/11/1916, No.76.
Docherty,James,S/24808,Pte.,2nd bn.Seaf.H.,d.of w.,03/09/1918, No.98.
Don,Allan,93042,Spr.,218th Fld.Coy.R.E.,KIA,03/04/1917, No.76.
Duffy,Charles,29879,Pte.,2nd bn.R.D.Fus.,KIA,30/03/1918, No.126.
Duncan,James Kirk,R/38697,Rflmn.,2nd bn.KRRC.,KIA,09/07/1917, No.72.
Elliott,Christopher,S/11861,Pte.,1st bn.Q.O.C.H.,KIA,28/09/1915, No.150.
Elliott,Francis,251361,Pte.,1/6th bn.A&SH.,KIA,21/05/1917, No.56.
Fernie,David,46629,Pte.,13th,d.of w.,09/05/1915, No.35.
Fisher,William,S/3554,Pte.,11th bn.A&SH.,KIA,27/09/1915, No.149.
Fram,Alexander Borland,2107,Pte.,1/8th bn.A&SH.,d.of w.,26/11/1916, No.99.
Fulton,David,2nd/Lt.,20th,KIA,06/11/1917, No.150.
Galbraith,Angus,033882,Pte.,RAOC.,drowned s.s.Leinster,10/10/1918, No.24.
Grogan,John,41596,Pte.,17th bn.HLI.,KIA,01/04/1917, No.54.
Horne,William James,235586,Pte.,10th bn.W.Rdg.Regt.,KIA,18/10/1917, No.36.
Hunter,John Brydson,7458,CSM.,1st bn.KOSB.,KIA,16/05/1917, No.122.
Johnston,Archibald,700254,Pte.,16th,KIA,08/08/ No.152
Kennedy,Patrick,1753,Pte.,Pte.,15th,murdered,28/05/1916, No.59.
Laird,Robert,S/50296,Pte.,2nd bn.Seaf.H.,KIA,20/05/1915, No.99.
Lawson,John,S/6523,Pte.,8th bn.Seaf.H.,KIA,25/09/1915, No.33.
Lewis,Alfred John,2nd/Lt.(TP),1st bn.KOSB.,KIA,01/08/1918, No.95.
Lonie,Matthew,24125,Pte.,N.Staffs.Regt.,d.pulmonary T.B.,30/12/1918, No.49.
Love,Samuel,12623,Sgt.,1st bn.RSF.,KIA,22/03/ No.149.
Lyons,William,S/3686,Pte.,1st bn.G.H.,KIA,02/03/1916, No.151.
McCallum,James,18169,Pte.,10/11th bn.HLI.,KIA,11/04/1917, No.14.
McDaid,Alexander,2261,Pte.,6th bn.HLI.,KIA,12/07/1915, No.100.
McDonald,William Allison,71178,Pte.,27th,d.of w., 26/11/1915, No.143.
McEwan,James,1043,Spr.,Renf.Works Coy.R.E.,d.of T.B.& peritonitis, 12/02/1916, No.150.
McGrogan,Hugh Reid,106948,Sgt.,263rd Siege Bty.RGA.,KIA,25/04/1918, No.52.
McIndoe,William,M/15864,ERA 4th class,HMS Gaillardia,R.N.,kld. 22/03/1918, No.97.
McKay,Matthew Edwards,608766,L/Cpl.,18th bn.Ldn.Regt.,KIA, 13/05/1918, No.71.
McKellar,Daniel,61798,Pte.,Brecknock bn.S.W.Bdrs.,d.of pneumonia, India,29/10/1918, No.53.
McKellar,George Duncan Black,455,Drvr.,14th DAC.RFA.,d.of w., 29/07/1917, No.152.
McLean,John,23839,Pte.,14th bn.HLI., a p.o.w.,26/07/1918, No.148.
McMahon,Michael,S/8192,Pte.,2nd bn.B.W.,KIA,22/04/1916, No.55.
Moore,Alexander,S/2469,Pte.,2nd bn.Seaf.H.,KIA,01/07/1916, No.41.
Muir,David,2075518,Pte.,42nd,KIA,29/09/1918, No.30.
Napier,Walter Francis,302955,Pte.,10th bn.A&SH.,KIA,12/10/1917, No.52.
Park,Andrew Dixon,S/7483,Pte.,2nd bn.A&SH.,d.of w.,10/10/1918, No.115.
Park,Robert Henry,192145,Pte.,15th,KIA,09/04/1917, No.95.
Paterson,Alexander,S/5357,Pte.,12th bn.A&SH.,KIA,09/05/1917, No.96.
Purvis,James,904395,Cpl.,49th,d.of w.,16/11/1917, No.117.
RobertsonAlexander,2240,Pte.,52nd,KIA,07/06/1917, No.110.
Robertson,Charles,S/18153,Pte.,12th bn.A&SH.,KIA,09/05/1917, No.151.
Robertson,William Greig,252436,Pte.,1/6th bn.A&SH.,KIA,05/10/1917, No.151.
Skivington,James,3/5972,Pte.,1st bn.Q.O.C.H.,KIA,21/12/1914, No.149.
Smiley or Buchanan,Benjamin,8235,Pte.,1st bn.Q.O.C.H.,KIA, 23/07/1916, No.147.
Smith,Peter McArthur,1039,Sgt.,1/6th bn.A&SH.,KIA,26/03/1916, No.63.
Stewart,Edward Tolmie,10226,Dmr.,2nd bn.A&SH.,d.of w.,06/12/1916, No.61.
Thomson,James,S/7832,Rflmn.,9th bn.Rfl.Bde.,KIA,03/05/1917, No.113.
Tinson,James Garrie,7754,Pte.,2nd bn.HLI.,KIA,01/07/1916, No.56.
Toal,Charles,10772,Pte.,1st bn.RSF., a p.o.w.,14/12/1916, No.154.
West,Francis Craig,4/9299,Pte.,4th bn.A&SH.,d.of rheumatism, 06/02/1917, No.167.
White,Andrew,7684,Pte.,10th bn.C(S.R.).,KIA,25/09/1915, No.77.
Whitehouse,John,250884,Pte.,1/6th bn.A&SH.,KIA,16/10/1918, No.2.


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David McNay

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There's 113 men listed in the Glasgow Roll of Honour as being from Argyle Street.

There may be other streets in Glasgow with more names than that, but I haven't checked.

It also depends on the size of the town/city.
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anne park
Our first ever 2000 poster

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:14 am    Post subject: Gallowgate, Aberdeen Reply with quote

I did a project to find the men how died in this small street and was amazed by the number. I know it was over 50 but for a wee street it must have been a very sad place when news arrived.

I checked for Gt Western Rd; Aberdeen which had loads but Gt Northern Rd; had much more as it was full of tenaments where as Gt Western Rd; is mostly terraced villas.
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Joined: 29 Aug 2012
Posts: 46

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:08 pm    Post subject: Is this a Record for a Street in Scotland in WW1 Reply with quote

Argyle St.& Duke St.,the Yonge Streets of Scotland!

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